Minesweeper XY

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  • Unique Gameplay
  • High RTP
  • Simple Rules
  • Multipliers
  • Variety
  • Limited Theme Appeal
  • Low Maximum Payout
  • Skill vs. Luck Balance
  • Risk Factor
  • Limited Gameplay Variation

Did you think I was finished with specialty games? Well, hold on tight because I’ve got another gem for you, courtesy of Slots.lv. Allow me to introduce you to Minesweeper XY, a game boasting an impressive 98.40% RTP.

If you were a fan of the classic Minesweeper, then I wholeheartedly recommend diving into this exciting new online casino game. Not only does it capture the same essence of fun, but it also offers the tantalizing prospect of winning real money while playing.

For those unacquainted with the rules, fear not; it’s a straightforward affair. Minesweeper XY shares a common objective with Kaboom! Instead of choosing from a grid of 25 tiles, you’ll have just five at your disposal. Among these, one hides a bomb, and your mission is to steer clear of it.

Every time you reveal an unmined tile, you’ll receive a multiplier. The further you progress, the larger your potential winnings become.

l with a generous 300% welcome bonus (up to $7,500), which you can explore further in this comprehensive Slots.lv review.

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With four out of the five tiles being safe, your chances of surviving each turn stand at an impressive 80%. While chasing the colossal 14.28x multiplier can be tempting, it certainly carries its fair share of risk.

I’d advise against consistently aiming for the maximum win, but a few daring attempts can provide an exhilarating rush. After all, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of realizing you’re just a few steps away from a substantial victory.

If you’re eager to give Minesweeper XY a shot, head over to Slots.lv. They sweeten the deal with a generous 300% welcome bonus (up to $7,500), which you can explore further in this comprehensive Slots.lv review.

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